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Through the dedication, commitment and capability of our employees, our company is constantly achieving high levels of excellence.

As a result, we are dedicated to attracting and developing world-class human assets in order to maintain our role as leaders in the energy service sector.

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AlbDrillingsh.a owns and can provide :

1-Drilling Rigs capable to drill vertical and horizontal wells up to 4000 m MD.

2-Directional Drilling Services and maintenance of MWD, Mud motors, Nonmagnetic Bottom Hole Assembly etc.

3- Workover operations

4-Drilling mud preparation, maintenance and services.

5-Cement and cementing operation services

6-Vertical and horizontal Well planning

7-Fishing operations

8-Sidetracking operations

9-Killing the active well

10-Acidizing and other stimulation operations

11-Consullting and supervision during drilling operations etc.

12-Produced Water Injection



Albdrillingsh.a.  is considered to be a leader in its services and engineering expertise such as:

– General data base (10gb)  for Albanian  oil & gas  and mining industry for geology ,  drilling, exploration, production, raphinery, pipelines , prices , reserves etc, as: data concerning  the flysch &terigenous  formations; data for drilling practice of wells in the flysch &terigenous  formations; data for pore pressure gradients profiles and  temperature profiles  for all preadriatic structure’s  wells; data for  all  oil and gas fields in Albania , oil and gas transport, raphineries, production history of Albanian oilfields.

– Complex methods basin studies and petroleum geosciences, petro physics, seismic and log analysis;

– Drilling vertical and horizontal wells up to 6700 m, programs and a.f.e, drilling mud selection and their characteristics to meet the flysch, halogen, terigenous and carbonaceous formation demands to prevent the troubles during drilling specially to prevent cavings, loss circulation, drill pipe stucking, blow outs.  Drilling hydraulic optimization and pressure losses during mud circulation, swab and surge, valuation operatively the flow pattern of drilling mud to meet the lowest abrasively and high transporting capacity of the mud, especially in the front of bha;

– Operative estimation during drilling process, the pore pressure and frac gradient by means of drilling and logging methods such as: d-exp., dc-exponent, sigma log, acoustic, resistivity etc;

– Oil and gas field exploration, production technics, stimulation, secondary and tertiary methods, transport;

-Reservoir exploitation program and pipelines projects and   maintenance (integrity and corrosion evaluation cathodic protection etc);

-Consultancy during the geology exploration, drilling and exploitation phase (information, logistics, expertise, different permits, etc.);

– Program supervision during exploitation, drilling, exploration transport and conditioning of oil and gas. Technical consulting and translation, legal and financial consulting as well as expertise in oil and gas industry. Personnel supplier, selection and training of drilling and exploration personnel. Fair market valuations, due diligence, fairness opinions, expert witness testimony, international negotiation, arbitration, reserve certification, field development feasibility;

-Environmental engineering: antipollution /oil spill response, environmental impact assessments (eia), emission trading scheme (etd) etc, gathering, transport and deposit of waste materials;

– Laboratory testing, selection, preparation and maintenance of drilling mud’s in drilling operation in the well site, programming and implementation of cementing program in drilled wells;

-Transport of crude oil, bitumen etc.